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My name is Barbara Dempson. I am the founder of SheAttitudes® LLC - a multimedia and entertainment company. I founded SheAttitudes® to promote my inspirational work "The She-Attitudes" (© 2001). The She-Attitudes© is 10 affirmations that inspire, empower and uplift.  I call The She-Attitudes© my personal love letter from God; given to me during a  tumultuous period in her life. A period when I found myself being physically abused, feeling hopeless and helpless with no one to talk to and no way out. I built my company around these inspirational messages to offer hope, restore faith, transform lives, and to help women discover their purpose.

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My Story

Barbara Dempson is the founder of SheAttitudes® LLC, a multi-media and entertainment company. She is the author of the bestselling book, The Hardest Part of the Wait is the Weight, and the Creator and Executive Producer of "It Don't Hurt Now" – a theatrical production that deals with helping to heal women who have suffered abusive relationships. 


"I underestimated the value of strong until strong was all that I had left."


Barbara Dempson has an inspirational story to tell, a story about overcoming hurdles in life to become a successful author, theatre producer and business woman. It’s a story that she plans to use to inspire others to transform their own life journeys into words as well as multi-media productions to share and inspire.

Barbara Dempson overcame domestic violence to become a successful corporate executive assistant, and Chief of Staff, for several Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers. She wrote a five-star-rated book, and produced her own stage show detailing her experiences. Those endeavors coupled with her corporate experience led her to found her own company, SheAttitudes® LLC. Barbara Dempson hopes to use SheAttitudes® as an avenue for others to share their stories of struggle and accomplishment.

Barbara Dempson was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina and currently resides in the Washington, DC area. 

Barbara detailed her incredible story in her book, “The Hardest Part of the Wait is the Weight. Don’t Settle for Less. Wait for God’s Best.” She then served as creator and executive producer as she transformed her story of domestic violence into a theatrical production, “It Don’t Hurt Now.”

The success of her book and production led Barbara Dempson to expand her story-telling platform to an entertainment company, which she plans to expand to encompass a variety of multi-media products.

What's Your Story?

Everybody has a story. What's your story? I'm always looking for new and exciting stories to highlight.  Let's connect.

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